iPhone Apps Comparison – How To Compare iPhone Apps With The Android OS


Android is the operating system designed specifically for touch screen mobile phones including smartphones and tablets, based on a re-designed version of the Linux kernel. Android is based on the Open Source Project and is licensed under the permissive LGPLv3. Android has an active and loyal community of developers and designers who contribute to its development. Android is generally preferred over the iPhone and Blackberry mobile platforms for its ease of use and wide range of applications, which include Google Play Store, Gmail, Maps, etc. On the other hand, Apple restricts apps developed for its mobile platform to be entirely based on their own content and services. However, a number of third party companies have developed software specifically meant to run on the iPhone and iPad platforms.

The Android mobile operating system is an open source one. This means that developers are able to view the source code and make any improvements that they want in it. With this open source program, they are also able to change the existing system if they feel like doing so. Android offers a number of options and features to users. These options can include animations, file sharing, advanced notification support, Bluetooth, and many more.

One of the major differences between the iPhone and android systems is that, Android does not support some features that are available with the iPhone and iPad. Examples of these features are GPS, MMS and instant messaging. This was one of the main reasons that the iPhone and iPad were inventing – to offer users the ability to communicate with each other over a better connection and without being tied down by wires. This is not possible with android. Moreover, android is limited to running on mobile handsets that are compatible with the OS.

A big reason why android os is considered ideal for low cost devices is because it is available for free. This is unlike the iPhone and iPad which have to be owned by the buyer and must be bought with a contract. This means that users do not need to part with any money in order to use the android operating system.

One of the biggest advantages of using android is that it does not require you to have an extensive amount of technical knowledge in order to set up your home screen. This means that people who do not have much experience in setting up homescreens can still set up an elegant home screen interface for their phones. All that you need to have is a good application called “Launcher”. This application will help you to design and arrange your home screen. You can also integrate a lot of additional widgets into your homescreen such as Google Now and Gmail.

On the other hand, if you feel that you would like more control over your phone than what you have with the iPhone, then you should consider downloading the free “Google Now”. This application will allow you to select the items that you want to appear at the top of the home screen. Aside from the widgets mentioned above, this app also integrates a dialer, contact viewer, and a browser so you can access the internet on your phone with ease.

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