The Convenience of Android Application Development


Android is the leading mobile operating system currently available for use on hand held mobile phones, tablet computers and other portable personal electronic devices. Android is free and available for download from the Android Open Source Project (ASO), which is funded by Google. The primary developers of Android are Samsung and HTC. Samsung is the lead company for Android in the world with over 50 percent of the market share. HTC manufactures the majority of touch screen Android phones. Samsung and HTC also produce other versions of their popular Android phones such as the Notebook OS and the Flex OS.

As a result of Android’s free open-source operating system open to all, developers have produced hundreds of thousands of android applications. These android apps are tailored to perform particular tasks and can be used on any type of operating system. These android apps can also be re-branded and developed to work on different operating systems and display on a variety of mobile screen sizes. Android has a large library of libraries and services to help internet users find and use information, and has a user interface similar to that of the iPhone and Blackberry.

On devices that run on android, users can browse the web, listen to music, watch movies, take photos, access a virtual keyboard, access the local maps, store data, and access the internet. As an advantage of android support, the touch screen is more responsive and offers a larger visual display of applications than other operating systems. The Android system runs most media and multi-media applications such as the Google play store. The touch screen is particularly well suited to cell phone users, who will have to touch the screen less often. Some of the best phones on the market today offer some form of default android application support.

One of the more popular ways for android app development professionals to earn money is by creating customized and targeted apps. This gives you a distinct advantage because you can specifically cater to the needs of a particular group of people. For example, if you create an android app to help repair car problems, you will only have to make certain that it is available for those who are searching for information on auto repair. This way, your target audience will only need to download your app once.

If you are interested in creating unique and engaging applications, you will find that it is easier to become an expert in the field. There are many sources of information on how to start to learn and gain experience. As you gain experience, you will become more knowledgeable about the different programming languages and the different device capabilities. As you become more adept at android app development, you may even have the opportunity to develop for other platforms, such as Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone 7.

However, and as we have mentioned before, this type of smartphone programing does come at a price. In most cases, an individual has to pay a professional developer or an established company to provide their services. As you may have guessed, paying a professional to develop your android app may be the most efficient way to get your application developed for the market. However, if you have limited financial resources, you might want to consider tapping into the android app development community for help. Many developers who are just starting out in the field offer free consulting services.

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