What is Immersive Entertainment?


Immersive Entertainment is a general term to define any form of amusement and interaction that takes place in such a way that the participants are virtually transported into the experience. As defined by Wikipedia, Immersive Entertainment is “an interactive experience in which the participant is put in a situation where they have to make a decision about how to react to something, while also responding to external stimuli and acting as a character in a story”. Gaming has been a huge part of Immersive Entertainment. However, Immersive Gaming is not always about gaming but can extend to other forms of entertainment like theatre, film, literature and more.

Immersive Gaming involves using a wide array of techniques to transport the participants into entirely new worlds. They are placed in situations that make them think, act and feel as though they are part of those experiences. Gaming companies like to call their Immersive Entertainment products ‘immersion’. Games like Call of Duty and Halo bring this concept into gaming.

A good example of an Immersive Entertainment product is something you may have seen in a cinema. The scene might be a war scene or in the scene a child is playing. But what is immersing you into the scene is the fact you feel you are part of it. This is similar to a theatre experience. There is no other visual medium that can create that kind of experience.

Immersive Gaming involves the use of 3D graphics. In most cases the graphics involve a lot of motion. Games like Crysis offer some Immersive Gaming experience as they do make use of water, particles and even people. However, Immersive Gaming is not only confined to 3D graphics, it also includes audio and video.

Immersive Entertainment can take place in virtual reality or in the real world. Virtual Reality can refer to the use of video games and film. Real Immersive Gaming can take place in real life like in a cinema, ship or even in a school or anywhere else. Immersive Gaming is usually about being part of an environment or has an experience where the rules of the world don’t apply.

Immersive Gaming is the most exciting kind of entertainment around today. People from all over the world are using Immersive Entertainment products to keep them busy and engaged. Immersive Gaming can be found for most consoles and PCs. You can buy Immersive Games online and download them to your computer or play them straight from your hard drive.

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