How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software


Most antivirus programs require subscription fees for ongoing protection, with trustworthy providers providing transparent pricing information as well as disclosing conditions of automatic renewal on their sales pages.

Look for antivirus software with an updated malware database to effectively identify new threats quickly. Many deluxe programs include additional tools such as VPN, system optimization utilities and password managers to enhance protection.


Modern antivirus software goes well beyond simply serving as a security scanner, delivering more comprehensive protection with features such as warning you of suspicious websites, remembering passwords for you and keeping children safe online. There are even comprehensive cybersecurity suites with additional tools like VPNs, performance optimizers and password managers!

Intego VirusBarrier is an excellent solution if you need a comprehensive and high-performing security suite for Mac computers, boasting an exceptional malware detection rate and wide array of additional features tailored specifically for Apple users. However, further enhancements could include stronger data breach monitoring and VPN support.

Some programs rely on multiple approaches to identify and prevent threats, including signature-based detection, heuristic scanning, behavior monitoring, sandboxing and artificial intelligence. This multilayered approach ensures even the most sophisticated threats are identified and stopped before they cause any damage; plus it makes for a smooth computing experience! Ideally you should choose programs that operate quietly in the background without disrupting or interrupting your computing experience.

Compatible with all major operating systems

Cybercriminals are taking aim at all Internet-connected devices, from refrigerators with lifesaving medication to cars on the road. To provide optimal security, a comprehensive suite of protection should offer real-time scanning and optimizations to keep your device performing at its optimal performance level.

Most vendors provide multiplatform, multidevice licenses that protect Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices with their top-tier antivirus software. These annual subscription plans offer you peace of mind against even the most dangerous malware threats on the web.

Norton 360 Deluxe for Windows PCs offers excellent antivirus protection as well as extra tools like a network firewall, phishing protection, virtual private network (VPN), disk optimization and parental controls – not to mention mobile phone and tablet scanning via their app! On Mac computers there is Intego’s Mac Premium Bundle X9 which includes both VirusBarrier and NetBarrier to shield against both local network and web-based threats and intrusion attempts.

Constantly updated to stay ahead of the latest threats

Antivirus software should include signature detection, heuristic detection, behavior monitoring and sandboxing to thwart threats that are hard to spot and might compromise files or even spread further infections.

Popular free antivirus software often includes additional features to increase its effectiveness, such as parental controls and a secure browser. Some may even provide backup services for important files and allow multiple computers to use it at the same time.

Some of the most acclaimed antivirus programs are built to run quickly and seamlessly, using as few resources as possible, making them suitable for older computers without impacting performance. Furthermore, quality programs feature regular updates so as to stay abreast of cyber threats while offering strong malware protection as well as other cybersecurity features backed up by third-party reviews and evaluations.

Easy to use

There is a common misunderstanding that only Windows computers are vulnerable to viruses and cyberattacks; in reality all devices require adequate antivirus protection. For optimal performance choose an easy setup process with user-friendly interfaces; antimalware databases must remain up-to-date; plus choose an antivirus program which offers more than simply detection/removal – such as VPN access, password manager tools, system optimization features or live dark web monitoring features.

Most premium antivirus programs come with an annual subscription that allows you to protect up to five Windows, Mac or Android devices simultaneously. In some cases vendors provide multi-device discounts. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus’ free version is an outstanding choice as it quickly detects malware with minimal impact on system performance while offering features such as virtual keyboard support, Wi-Fi security scans and file shredding, plus protection against ransomware encryption.

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