Importance of the Android Mobile Phone


Android is a free mobile operating system based upon the modified Linux kernel and various open source programs, designed mainly for touch screen mobile phones including tablets and smartphones. Android is the most popular smartphone OS that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Android was developed by the Android Software Foundation, a group of non-profit developers and enthusiasts. It was initially released to provide an alternative to the Windows Mobile OS and is popularized by a number of manufacturers. The Android Software Foundation claims that it is the most open-source mobile operating system that supports the latest standards of the mobile technology industry.

There are numerous advantages of using Android on your mobile devices. One of its great features is Android apps, which can be installed and used on your phone. You can download any of your favorite apps for free on android phones and test it on your device. Moreover, Android apps provide a rich user experience, giving you a smooth experience while browsing and using your phone. Moreover, Android offers a secure environment and an enhanced security suite.

You can download any of your favorite apps for free on your android devices and test it on your phone. You can use your android phone as a medium to surf the internet. android devices have superior memory capacity than the counterparts of iPhones and Blackberries. Apart from this, android os supports a wide range of hardware and gizmos, such as, SD card, USB, Bluetooth, etc. Therefore, you can use your android devices to watch movies, play high-definition music, download and install any of your favorite apps, connect to the internet, use your social media network, etc.

The Android ecosystem is rich with innovative software development organizations (APIs). These companies offer a variety of android apps for android phones at attractive and reasonable prices. These companies use the latest technologies and tools to enhance the quality and performance of the android devices. However, you need to be careful while selecting an application from a particular company. As most of these companies charge you for downloading and using their apps, it becomes imperative to choose an organization that offers a free trial for the android app.

In spite of so many android devices in the market, the users are yet to find a good and stable android operating system. This is probably the biggest drawback faced by the users of android devices. However, Google has taken vital steps to improve the unstable and problematic android OS. The developers and the testers of these applications will soon enough to start a program called “Open Handset Alliance” to develop better and stable android platforms and apps.

Moreover, Samsung is working hard to make its mobile devices even more useful and advanced. The android phones of Samsung are equipped with high-end processors and amazing RAM and storage capacity. These handsets come loaded with advanced text messaging applications and the users can use them to send and share large files. Apart from this, the android devices are also coming up with a lot of unique features such as, built-in DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocking, Air Gesture and many more.

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