What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is basically the part of online marketing, which uses digital and internet-based technologies like desktop computers, cell phones and various other electronic media and communication platforms to advertise products and services to consumers. Basically, digital marketing aims at creating awareness and interest in the target audience for a product or service using the digital channels. The most popular of such channels are the internet, email, websites, SMS, instant messaging, video, social networking etc. In order to enhance the conversion rates, digital marketing professionals have to work with the branding experts to get the right message and the right look for their brand’s website. This article will discuss some of the essential points on digital marketing.

The first thing one has to realize is that traditional marketing and advertising campaigns are now being replaced by digital marketing due to several reasons. First, digital marketing allows one to build a strong online presence and brand image. Since most people these days access the Internet through their smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, traditional channels are now obsolete. One can easily make a brand presence by building a strong online presence and engaging the right audience. Apart from this, there are other benefits which are generated by digital marketing over the traditional ones:

Easy measurement: measuring results of digital marketing campaigns is easier than the traditional ones. Unlike the traditional campaigns, there is no need for you to buy expensive market research surveys to find out what the consumers want. You can simply measure results of campaigns by performing relevant activities like, focus groups, surveys, web browsing, surveys etc. On the other hand, it is a tedious task to run focus groups and surveys as most marketers usually neglect such activities. But, since digital marketers can easily measure the results of their campaigns, they can easily improve the performance of their digital channels.

High return on investment: The task of running digital marketing campaigns is quite challenging and time consuming, especially in comparison with the traditional marketing campaigns. This is because in traditional marketing campaigns, marketers generally hunt for one or two keywords and aim at them. However, in digital marketing campaigns, there is no such limit as to how and where you can promote your products or services. You can easily target different audiences with different needs and interests. Thus, your target audience becomes much larger.

High control: Digital marketing campaigns can be executed within your budget and time frame, unlike the traditional marketing campaigns which may require a hefty investment. Digital marketers can also control the distribution of their messages across different platforms. They don’t have to wait for specific dates and times when their marketing campaign would be displayed on a platform like Facebook. Instead, they can simply measure their results and make adjustments in their strategies accordingly. Moreover, since most digital marketers use social media platforms for their marketing campaigns, they can also measure the results of their efforts and adjust them accordingly.

Measuring user journey: One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing strategies is that they provide easy and flexible metrics to track the users who are engaging with your promotional campaigns. Usually, the traditional user journey metrics such as click through rate and conversions may not be applicable to this type of campaigns. By using the Equifax Equibus Data Collection system, marketers can easily measure where your audience is while analyzing your campaigns. The Equifax Digital channel dashboard offers three different measurement options that are available for marketers to choose from, which include user experience metrics, user panel response and conversion metrics.

Flexibility: Digital channels offer more options to advertisers. Unlike in the traditional marketing campaigns, they do not need to make a huge investment on advertising campaigns on television, radio and other traditional platforms. Digital marketers can easily use their creative strategy on the web, mobile, social media and other platforms to generate leads. With the wide number of available digital channels, you can easily create customized ads for each of these platforms and test them before launching it to the real audience.

Branding: Digital Marketing allows you to create and deliver personalized ads to customers and allows you to make a lasting impression on them. Digital Marketing is an affordable and effective way to advertise your products and gain leads from your audience. Unlike traditional marketing methods, you can target people of all ages, income groups and purchase preferences with the help of digital channels. You can even make more money if you advertise your products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as other digital channels and earn through your impressions.

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