Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Android Software


Android is a free mobile operating system based on a modified variant of the Linux kernel and several other open source applications, mainly for touch screen mobile phones like tablets and smartphones. The Android code contains so many features which are very useful in improving the speed and performance of a touch screen mobile device. These features include a rich user interface, excellent media support, access to the Google Play store and a lot more. This operating system can be downloaded from the Android mirrors. You can also download the latest upgrades for your handset from the Android site.

Android was developed by a group of developers called the “Open Handset Alliance” under the name “Open Handset Linux”. This free software runs on the Linux kernel and is based on the technology called “Fusion”. This technology was originally developed by the Apple Computer Company. However, it was later used by several other companies.

The latest release of Android has been designed to support a variety of hardware configurations. There are various models of mobile phones, which run on this operating system. The Andoid community is steadily increasing. Now, there are more than 500 million downloads every month. Andoid is considered as one of the most popular free software programs of its kind.

The Android website states that andoid does not contain any spyware or any kind of adware. However, there are several rumors about the presence of these applications in andoid. These rumors have made some users ban and then switch to another free Android mobile platform. Users who are not happy with this statement state that their data cannot be secured since they are not aware about the security process followed by the developers of andoid. Moreover, they do not have control over the settings, which mean that they are open to various threats and hazards.

There are a couple of security measures that you can follow to ensure that your data is safe while using Android. You need to make sure that you always go for an official and certified download. Download apps from trusted websites. Check the review section to know about the best android apps.

All the latest versions of android support the Java plugin and the XML support. They also provide facilities like Bluetooth, Media Storage, GPS and OMA. Some other OS like Windows Mobile and Blackberry offer almost similar features but all the applications and settings are different from each other. Android apps were initially developed as an application for Smartphones. However, with the popularity of android phones, android apps are being developed for mobiles, tablets, computers and other devices.

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